Mikail Ilukhani

Mikail Ilukhani

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First Name * Mikail
Last Name * Ilukhani
Username * Mikaililukhani
Country * Iran
City Tehran
Nationality Islam
Languages EnglishPersian


Areas of Expertise PhotoshopPainterArtrageMaxCinema 4D


Availability: Freelance
Website artlords.com/u/mikail
Phone number 09387075602


  • Art university


Graduated from animation school . Now: to study in art university .
Drawing and painting from seven years old.

Honor: start to drawing and painting into the digitalpainting style from high school and to connect to the digitalpainting group.

To achieve the best booth design for QRMS co. In international fair 2012.

Drawing and illustrate the magazine cover of creatures of creativity .

Illustrate the -POLE -cover of music album